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Getting fixed at almopst four months

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We just took our pup in for her third shot and made an appointment for her final shots. They receptionist then asked if we wanted to get her fixed the next time. She was born December 15th and this will be April 10 so basically four months old. In the past we have always done it at six months. We said yes because basically I want to get it over and it is also a little cheaper if you have it done before the rabie shot or something like that. I could have that part mixed up. Has anyone done it this early? I know you can have them done even earlier but I have never done it.

Also, they said starting this Sunday we can start to take her for walks but just keep her away from any dog that might have a cough or rabies (like I would expose her to that). Does anyone take their dogs for walks after the third shot and before the fourth?

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My vet only does 3 puppy shots (parvo, distemper) at 8, 12 and 16 weeks.

My male dog was neutered at about 10 weeks. He is fine. My female was 6-ish months old when she was done (stray, we do not know exactly how old she is) and is fine. My vet spays dogs at 4 months all the time (as long as they are over a certain weight, not sure exactly what that is) with no problems. Many people choose to do this because they get their last set of shots at the time of the surgery so they do not need to pay for another office call.

Your puppy should be fine. But, if you have any questions or concerns or are uncomfortable with fixing her at 4 months, your vet should be more than willing to talk to you about it and you can discuss spaying her later. Regardless of what your vet says, it is your dog. If you are uncomfortable with it, wait.
The subject was not even brought up until I went to pay and the woman there asked if I wanted her fixed when she came back in four weeks.

I thought there was only three shots also but maybe it changed for some reason.

I was reading some things and some say if you get fixed too early, then you have a higher chance of cancer or if too late, a higher chance of cancer. Gad, it gets confusing.
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