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getting a seccond dog in september!!!! :D

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When i went to my brothers graduation i got a friend of mine to babysit Maybe for me. and I got to meet the puppy she is fostering. He is a lab mix. (possibly some Shepherd in him..looks like his ears will stand up anyhow..) He is soooo cute! and sweet.. and i'm so excited!! His name right now is Jagger..i dunno if i'll change it or not..probably not... plus my friend is good at training animals so by the time i get him he'll hopefully know a thing or two already (such as he is already mostly house trained!). they found him stray where the live, he was a mess, but mostly becasue he was living off garbage-like there were candy wrappers in his stool..but now that he has been eating he's doing really well. :)
i won't be bringing him home till sept. cuz we'll be busy travelling and stuff for the summer... so now maybe will have a brother to play with. (technically jagger with be OUR third dog. MY seccond. my sister has a poodle/mutt, but he is practically a cat.)
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