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Getting a Puppy!!

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Hello, I am going to be getting a Boston terrier pug mixed puppy and I want to know everything that you would recommend for me to get her!!! including the best food brand to buy!!! Thank You for your help!!!
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I'd leave her on the food she's been eating at least until she's settled in. Then, if you think you'd rather feed something different, switch her gradually to the new food. Better not to hit them with diet change along with every other life change that comes with leaving the litter.

For my puppies I had a crate, chewies and toys, collar and leash, harness. I only put the collar on to get them used to it and walked them in a harness when they were small, but with a dog the size of yours, you may want to always use a harness for walking. Food and water dishes - I prefer stainless steel, but there are lots of choices. Nature's Miracle or other cleaner that specifically for removal of scents of accidents. Poop bags. No bite stuff. Nail clippers or grinder (start this when they're little, do it regularly, and you won't be posting here asking how to make a 3-year-old let you do its nails). Brush appropriate for her coat (start using it regularly, same as for nail clippers). Some would get doggy toothpaste and brush or finger thingy, which would be in the start young and do regularly category.

Maybe others can think of more.

P.S. In these days of paper product shortages - lots of paper towels, although a little puppy won't need the half a roll per puddle my Rottie girls did. 馃榾
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I agree with everything listed above. Make sure to learn about the Boston terrier as much as you can. They are brachycephalic breeds and they are very prone to heat strokes. Be careful about their exercise and take things slow.
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