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Getting a Puppy during COIVD-19

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We are picking up our puppy tomorrow night. Because of COVID-19 they can't fly her to us. She will have had a long two day trip. What do you think I need to bring and what is the best way to great her? She is 5 months old. We are going to pick her up between 11 PM and 3 AM.
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I'm a bit confused. Is the breeder bringing her to you? Or are you driving to pick her up?

If the breeder is bringing her to you, and you are meeting somewhere off your property, then all you will need is a crate, unless the breeder is leaving the one she is traveling in.

If you are going to go pick her up, you will need a crate and lots of cleaning supplies, as well as a secure leash and collar. The breeder should give you some food and the water she is used to drinking, as well as a soft toy or something that is familiar to her, and carried her dam's and littermates' scent.
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