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I'm trying not to say too much yet to people I know because it's not confirmed yet, but it's just so hard not to say anything so I'm posting here haha. If you know me from another forum/fb please no spilling the beans!
I'm (hopefully) on my way to getting my new show/performance Standard Poodle!
I don't post here a lot so I'll give a breakdown of my current crew.
My Mini Poodle, Stryder, who will be 14 in April
My Pom, Haku who's 3.5.
Both my little guys have some agility titles. Also thinking about starting to do some Rally with the pom, MAYBE the old man.
Then my Canadian Grand Champion (owner handled/groomed) Standard Poodle, Asher, who will be 3 at the end of March. We are training towards competition obedience, agility, and hopefully scent detection. He also has his Chase Ability title (going for more of those) and his Novice Sprinter title (going for more of those as well).

The dam of my (hopeful) puppy has been bred, near the end of January. The breeder doesn't ultrasound (she feels that the dogs start to clearly show a belly shortly after ultrasounds so they aren't really necessary and her trusted vet doesn't have an ultrasound machine) but we think we're seeing a belly start to show. Just before due date (End of March) she'll do xrays so we won't really know till then how many she will have. She's a maiden bitch so can't go by other litters on if she might have bigger or smaller litters, the sire's litters have been of decent size. And then of course we won't know if there is a male (what I 'need') until they are born (praying for at least 4 puppies to be males for selection sake) but then of course we don't know if there is a true show/performance prospect until 7-10 weeks, so there is a heck of a lot of waiting and hoping and crossing fingers for another like 3 months! Torture!

Anyways, just had to blurt it out!
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