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Get them off the bed.

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My wife and I have had a change of heart lately and we are wanting to get our dogs off the bed and to not get onto it ever, especially when we are sleeping. The two dogs are sensitive and smart kelpies. One has been mat trained around the kitchen to keep him out of trouble. That dog is currently sleeping in the living room for unknown reasons. The other comes to bed with me curling up at the pillow on my wife's side. He is very attached to me and refuses to move away from me when my wife comes to bed. He will not get off the bed, especially if I am there.

How do we approach this problem?
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I would simply crate the dog next to the bed while you are working on training the dog to stay off the bed by rewarding the dog for going to his mat.

A leash and a collar will help a lot. Off the bed means off the bed. Reward him when he is off and on the ground. Leave the leash and collar on him so he is dragging int. Use the leash to get what you want. Use food tossed on the floor to get what you want. Don't make it a fight.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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