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Hello, a few days ago I noticed some scabs on my dog Shadow's underbelly, in the groin area. I've attached photos, but it seems to be scabs with dark red skin beneath. These are just in her groin area, except I did find a small scabby area on her side. When I examine and clean the area, Shadow begins to lick the upper area of her paw.

Some details on Shadow, she is 7 years old, slightly overweight but overall health. It has been extremely hot where we live the past few weeks and she has spent most of her time in the air conditioning.

I would really appreciate any help. Shadow hates going to the vet and its always a struggle, so if this is something simple someone can identify and I can treat at home you'd be saving us.

If there are any questions or any additional information/pictures I can provide, please let me know

Thank you



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