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German Shepherd advice

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Hi! First off, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this type of question, but it looked the most relevant one.

I am looking to get a german shepherd, preferably a young puppy, and was wondering if it would fit with my current life structure.

Basically, I:

>Have a full time job
>Can take dog out in the early morning for a walk, lunch for potty break ONLY, and play with it anytime after 4pm
>Am planning to take 2 weeks off work to cage train and do other necessities with it.

Based on this criteria, am I ready to get a dog of my own?
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I have a 9 month old female GSD and I want 10 more of her:) I rescued her when she was 3 months and completely backwards(she was living outside) By 4 months she was out of her crate at night and within a couple months the crate was completely gone. When she was 12 weeks she started school and finished 3 classes. Technically if you follow a very strict routine you can potty train a dog in one week, but its not realistic, because of how little they are and as humans we make errors that can set a pup's potty training back. Mine does not require lots of physical exercise, but mental exercise is a must...I try to do some training every day. Mine never chewed anything in the house and is 100% trustworthy(she does rearrange the pillows on the couch every day), but I think she's an exception. From what I read, I got lucky and didn't have any issues when she was smaller. They have different drive levels, so going to a breeder could be best because they can match a pup to you. The worst thing I have found with GSD's is the shedding, fur everywhere all the time..I walk around with the broom.
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