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German Shepherd advice

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Hi! First off, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this type of question, but it looked the most relevant one.

I am looking to get a german shepherd, preferably a young puppy, and was wondering if it would fit with my current life structure.

Basically, I:

>Have a full time job
>Can take dog out in the early morning for a walk, lunch for potty break ONLY, and play with it anytime after 4pm
>Am planning to take 2 weeks off work to cage train and do other necessities with it.

Based on this criteria, am I ready to get a dog of my own?
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You're not going to housetrain a young puppy of any breed in two weeks.

Beyond that, GSDs are large, drivey, high energy dogs. Do you have time to exercise one 2 hours a day or more? Can you train them, consistently and kindly, for life? Can you provide the dog a job (drivey dogs need jobs. there is a reason there are so many young GSDs in shelters and rescues), such as scentwork, agility or schutzhund? Can you manage a smart, large, driven dog so it doesn't hurt itself getting into the medicine cabinet or chewing on power cables?

What attracts you to the GSD? Why do you want a puppy? Like I said, there are so, so many GSDs in need of homes, many of them between 1 and 2 years of age (the age at which GSDs look pretty awkward and act fairly annoying). You could easily find a gorgeous example of the breed, already housebroken if you went the rescue route.

If you do decide to buy, find a reputable breeder! GSDs are bred by the thousand by BYBs and puppy mills and you don't want to support that. And you don't want the sort of health and temperament issues that a likely to arise from such breeding.
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