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German Shepherd advice

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Hi! First off, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this type of question, but it looked the most relevant one.

I am looking to get a german shepherd, preferably a young puppy, and was wondering if it would fit with my current life structure.

Basically, I:

>Have a full time job
>Can take dog out in the early morning for a walk, lunch for potty break ONLY, and play with it anytime after 4pm
>Am planning to take 2 weeks off work to cage train and do other necessities with it.

Based on this criteria, am I ready to get a dog of my own?
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Ditto to looking at rescues, an adult dog would be ideal for your lifestyle.

If you do go for a puppy, you need to socialize the heck out of it. Look for a breeder who does more than showing in conformation and has outgoing, stable dogs.

I see a lot of them as being very spooky, one was sold by a breeder here, hopped the six foot fence and was on the run for a few days before being caught - she wouldn't go near strangers and bolted instead. Not a good tempered dog if you ask me!

There is one at the kennel where I work and he's awesome temperment wise. Does not bark or act spooky about anything, is calm and responsive. Ask him to come and he trots along, comes up to say hello without issues. I doubt anyone would mess with him simply because he's a big guy, but even the first time I met him he was just easy going.
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