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German Shepherd advice

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Hi! First off, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this type of question, but it looked the most relevant one.

I am looking to get a german shepherd, preferably a young puppy, and was wondering if it would fit with my current life structure.

Basically, I:

>Have a full time job
>Can take dog out in the early morning for a walk, lunch for potty break ONLY, and play with it anytime after 4pm
>Am planning to take 2 weeks off work to cage train and do other necessities with it.

Based on this criteria, am I ready to get a dog of my own?
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Are you financially prepared for vet bills, puppy classes, and continued classes? Will you be able to handle an emergency vet trip?

Do you have the time and energy after work to meet a GSDs needs? You said play time which is kind of vague. Most GSDs need real training and exercise well into adulthood.

These are things to seriously consider. Many people love to look at a GSD but can't provide a good home for one because they can be very demanding dogs.

You can start your search for a puppy here: http://gsdca.org/join-the-gsdca/breeders-code

Notice that they mention x-rays of hips and elbows as the very minimum of health testing. When you look at a breeder, you'll want the OFA numbers of the dam and sire to enter into the OFA database. This lets you verify that they aren't breeding dysplastic dogs. More health testing is even better!
Do NOT settle for a breeder that says,"Well the vet gave him a clean bill of health." A vet check is all fine and well but simply looking at a dog cannot tell you what's going on inside of a dog.
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