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Hi! I'm Sparky, I'm new here. I was looking for a good place to talk about dogs, breeds and where to buy a puppy and stumbled across here.
My family always had a bull mastiff X or two when I was a kid, so I pretty much grew up around them. Now I'm all grown up I've lived on my own for a while, and I'm thinking of packing up and buying myself a camper van, as well as a lil' puppy companion. I've got the most experience with medium-large breeds, such as the aforementioned bull mastiffs, but my favourite breed happens to be the boston terrier. I think a small-to-medium breed like that might be better suited to life on the road, too.

I don't care much for pedigree, though- I always hear about hereditary problems with pure-bred dogs, like hip and back problems and cataracts in old age, and my family's dogs were 'mongrels', who all lived long and healthy lives. Plus, my companion would be just that- I don't much care for dog shows or breeding programs, so once he or she is of the right age I would almost definitely take them to get neutered.

The boston terrier seems to be a difficult breed to find 'crosses' of, though. Maybe one day!

Sorry for the wall of text.~

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hi and welcome.

For breed questions and suggestions, you'll have more luck posting a thread about it in the "general dog forum" section. More activity there.

Personally, I like mutts and mutts come in all shapes and sizes so I'm sure you can find one that fits you. However mutts aren't necessarily less prone to health issues than pure breds.

Hereditary issues for certain breed are really just known issues that those breeds can be prone to. That's where pedigree kind of come into play for the average dog owner. Healthy dogs without an ancestry of hereditary issues tends to produce healthy pups.
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