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Games and Activities for a Very Hyper Dog?

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Hello! My dog, Paige, is almost 2 years old and she has sooo much energy! She is a mutt that I got from a dog rescue. I don't really know what breeds she is, but shes black and white and has short stubby legs (shes about 30 pounds). She loves following me wherever I go and she gets these random bursts of energy where she runs as fast as she can around the whole yard (its a huge yard). After she does a couple laps she runs back to me and wants to play. How do I teach her to fetch a ball? I try, and she sometimes grabs it and comes by me (but if I try to take it from her she runs away). But mostly she runs for it and then halfway to the ball, she turns around and runs back to me. Also do you guys have any ideas for more games and activites I can do with her to get some of her energy out? Also I don't really want to do anything that encourages aggression. She use to nip really bad, and I don't wanna start that again.
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Try a flirt pole, to build up her drive to want the toy.
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