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Gaining the Trust of the Neglected

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While I was out there with Angie this time she got a phone call from a man that needed help with his dogs. He said they were mange covered and he needed help. When we got there he wasn’t home yet, so we looked around and we found these “dogs” they were tiny pups. It truly broke my heart; I was actually trying to figure out if I could afford to take them to the vet to get their treatment. So before he got back I hurried and took some pictures, it could have gone badly if he’d seen I had my camera. How can you not feel horrible when you look at these faces?

They were being kept in a 4x3 area filled with flies, ants, and crap piled up. The little grey one is only about 8 weeks old and the other is probably 10 weeks. They both had tummies full of worms and you could tell they were hungry. So we fed them, gave them the medication to treat the mange, de-wormed both, and got him to move them out of that area. So they are now in a larger, grassy, breezy area where they can walk around and play. You can’t tell from the pictures how mangy they really are, the grey one was pretty much bald.

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