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Hey everyone! My name's Reggie, I'm 19, and I live in Wyoming. I'm going to school right now to become a high school U.S. history teacher/world history teacher. In the meantime, I work at a national fabric / craft store chain. In my spare time, I also enjoy helping other people train their dogs and I'm always looking to gain more experience.
In the spring of 2018, I'm going to be bringing home a purebred Golden Retriever puppy (field line red, and male preferably, and I've already found an awesome breeder). I'm going to be competing with my dog in agility, dock jumping, obedience, rally, and anything else we find interesting! I'm also going to be training him to be my duck hunting partner and hiking buddy. All of his training will be done in Scottish Gaelic!
I'm so excited, and I'm happy to be apart of this forum!
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