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I saw Maddie's red bouncy ball ("Tomato") in her jolly ball ("ball") and thought it was an accident, so I took it out. Thought about it-maybe it was on purpose. Sure enough, it was. She got it in there a couple of times and then I saw her do it. So, later that day I chose to video tape it.

She's learning to do it when I ask her to, but she has a head start because she's already close to doing it so who knows if I really have influence on her. But, hey, she'll associate the words with the actions...

Anyway, here's the video. It's about 1.5 minutes. One spot is muted because I didnt like the sound of my voice.


I know there's a way to embed videos...I put in the embed video link...didnt work....

Poor girl at the end-I stopped the filming to help her. Last time she did that and got out on her own, she cut herself (she bites around the jolly ball holes-we tell her no but she will sometimes sneak one in now, but we used to not notice until we noticed the peeling off rough plastic) so I didnt want to risk that again.
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