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I got a good laugh from my dog the other day! I thought I would share.

I have a APBT named Vader ( see signature ) he is a big boy 94lbs of muscle. like many APBT he LOVES to play in water. You can not take a bath around the dog without him leaping into the tub with you. He puts his head under the water and blows bubbles then tries to chase them. Its super funny. So I purchased him a kiddy pool and was super excited knowing he would be extremely happy. and he was! he splashed and blew bubbles for quite awhile. When i finally went inside I kept an eye on him through the window. When Vader REALLY likes something he rests next to it like its his new buddy.
So I peek at him and he is just laying next to his new "friend" looking innocent. I walked away for awhile to do some stuff around the house and when I come back there he is running around in the yard with the large pool in his mouth fanning out over his head. running in circles cause he couldn't see with the pool in his mouth. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. So I ran to the door outside hoping to salvage the pool and when I got to him he was proudly sitting on top of a crunched up pool looking EXTREMELY happy with himself.

Moral of the story, get larger pool. I LOVE APBT they always do things 110%
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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