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Funny Dog behavior :)

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We got our pup during winter, she did fine with snow. we have been in a drought for months,but the last two days it has rained off and on finally, and Daisy doesn't know what to do with it! She runs around, trying to shake the wet off, we have the hardest time getting her to focus and pee so she can come in out of it! funny. any other fun things your dogs do in the weather?
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Kabota doesn't care one way or the other, but my previous dog would shrivel up like a dead spider and then run back inside if one raindrop touched his fur. Then, he'd beg to out at a different door. I honestly think he thought that if we just went out a different door, the weather would be totally different.
Lol, you two! Luke really doesn't care, but he isn't a fan of when it's a downpour outside. He'll pee everywhere instead of choosing his spots and then he turns to me as if to say, "Okay let's go home now." I'm the one where if there's thunder and/or lighting outside I want to go in. Luke? Doesn't really care.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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