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Teehee catching a treat! AHAHAHAH!

Videos now!

Loving on his Wubba hehe

Oh no!!! His Gampa loves playing with him and taking his toys!

Callahan gets a kick out of it! You can see how big my boy is here lol! Up against my dad! He loves his Gampa! When he wants to play he knows who to go to hehe... goes straight to my dad!

DO IT!!! LoL! A common occurrence in the house! He loves jumping for his toys and one day we threw one and it landed smack on a nail on the wall... and Callahan LOVED IT! LOL! So now this happens! haha! (We had never done it with the Wubba, lol Callahan wasnt stupid! I think he knew it was going to be heavy falling!)

Thats all!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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