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Fun, Healthy Food Supplements?

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I'm looking for some more raw foods to add to my dogs diet. Every now and again she gets fresh green-beans, raw pumpkin, coconut chips and raw eggs.
What do you guys feed your dogs to spice up their meals? Pictures are welcome too!
Here's Ayana enjoying her first egg:

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I don't usually add anything to the kibble itself (except sometimes water) but I do often feed raw meats for one of her meals and she really enjoys it. I wouldn't bother with the green beans/pumpkin, etc since dogs don't really need any plant material and they already get plenty from any kibble. I feed a raw egg about once a week and usually whenever we cook meat I'll save a raw piece and give it to her for dinner...chicken, beef, pork etc.
The green beans and pumpkin are mostly a fun treat for the taste and minimal nutritional benefits, so I don't add them too often. :3
Both dogs like bits of apple, and Potsie likes baby carrots as occasional treats.
Thanks you guys! I'm gonna stop posting in this thread though, I didn't realize there was a thread about this already going! http://www.dogforums.com/dog-food-forum/111840-supplementing-topping-adding-kibble.html
Lots of great info there!
Yogurt, pumpkin, blueberries (high in anti oxidants)
I feed raw, but I do occasionally as well add some frozen-thawed green beans, carrots etc into ground raw food occasionally, for a treat more than anything. I guess raw eggs kinda counts as their diet already but I do feed them a raw egg in a meal once a week or so.. other then that, the only plant and grain material they get in their diet occasionally is raw green tripe from beef, elk or bison, etc. I think i've heard of people buying canned green tripe to add to kibble, which would be a good supplement/topping for kibble fed dogs.
Sydney got a bit of raw (previously frozen) salmon left over from our dinner tonight. She lives the life. ;p Can't wait to start shifting more into a raw diet once I move and can start focusing on it more.
Gave the dogs each a tad of watermelon tonight ... just for something tasty in addition to their normal dinner. :)
Gave the dogs each a tad of watermelon tonight :)
Our yorkies LOVE love love watermelon! :) They also love banana,orange,apple,strawberries,baby carrots,green beans etc

I make sure their treats are fresh veggies or fruits only and they love it :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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