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I was reading a diabetes alert dog forum and someone had a cool game. The purpose was to make sure the dog would go for help if the kid couldn't, but I think it's super cute and useful anyway. The jar is a plastic washed out glucose container in this case.

Game starts with dog being asked to take the jar in her mouth, hold and sit in front quietly, then she is told to find "John or dad or whomever wants to play".
For the first few rounds after the person's name she is told to find is said, that person helps her be successful by calling her. When the dog goes to the correct person, she is told to sit, continue to hold the jar and wait for a few seconds, then that person takes the jar opens it and gives her a few kibbles, closes the jar and sends her to the next person. When the game gets going she is able to find the appropriate person by name when they change positions or even hide.

The purpose of the game is to have her know each person in the family by name, go to different people when she alerts for real lows and highs, we reinforce her "tattling" by going to alternate people with the Bringsel alert to receive a reward and by giving her some training if John were to ask her to go for help, she would know how to seek other people.

This game is great for us in the evening because we can all be working in different rooms or on computers and the dog can be trained and entertained...she thinks she is center of attention
I can't wait to start this when I get home. I've been trying to tell Carmen, Go to Daddy, but she just stares at me.
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