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Went to the Super Pet Expo with Jubel today and had a great time. Finally got a deer antler and a Himalayan chew for him to try with the discounted prices at the expo. One of the doggie day cares had a play area set up too. Got to let him run around a play a bit before we walked around to checked out the booths. It was really fun to get to see him play on some of the play equipment that I've heard he likes but never get to see for myself.

Walking around the booths he enjoyed getting spoiled with treats from everyone and lots of attention and loving. He was really excited to see one of the day care workers at the booth for our day care and everyone fawned all over him there. Stopped at the booth for the rescue group I adopted from and do short term fostering for now and showed off the Alumni and bought some raffle tickets and loved one the "adopt me" doggies.

All and all and good time for both of us. Jubel seems somewhat interested in the deer antler but not overly so. The Himalayan chew he LOVES and I'm pretty sure he would have chewed on it until it was all gone if I let him. My brother came downstairs and went to say hi to Jubel while he had the chew and Jubel got a little protective over the chew and growled a little bit. So I went and grabbed a few salmon treats he really likes and had him trade the chew for the treats with me. He let me take it in exchange for the treats but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have been happy if I just took the chew. That would be the second item he's ever tried to guard against me in the close to 2 years I've had him. Not really worried about it as long as he's willing to trade with me when I'm ready to take it away. Good to know that he really likes the Himalayan chew but he was making pretty fast progress on it even with it long lasting reputation. He might be too strong a chewer for it to be worth the cost for him. I'll have to see how long the antler lasts and if he has more interest in it than nylabones to determine if they are worth the money too.
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