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Frontline questions

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So my pup is was infested with fleas. I went to my vets and got him a pill that kills the fleas for 1 day and than yesterday put the frontline on him...I havent done anything to my carpets because I have small children...how long till I dont see any more fleas on him? I have only seen and picked off 2 today which is better than the 10+ I was picking off him...
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Not sure about what tablets you been given. Frontline only comes in a droplet liquid form that goes on the dog, between his shoulder blades on the skin direct..

Get a good flea treatment shampoo as well. Flea eggs can lay and hatch very quickly.

Where ever your pup goes or been then you got to think if any fleas been left behind.
If you don't do anything to your carpets, it may be quite a while, because they will multiply in the carpet, couch, etc. Fleas isn't something you can treat passively. You must be aggressive. :) You can sprinkle 20 Mule Team Borax on your carpet and vacuum like crazy. Every day. And wash all the dog bedding in the Borax. If you do that and get all the fleas and eggs, it might take 3-4 days. I'm just guessing... I use Diatomaceous Earth on my floors and dog bedding, but you may not want to use it with your kids.
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