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Frontline and Flea Dirt

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Hamilton gets his Frontline+ on the 20th every month - so he's due in a few days here. We spend a lot of time outside, and at the park, and with other dogs. I was scratching his back by his tail this afternoon and found flea dirt. He hasn't been scratching at all, and I haven't found any live fleas. Can fleas bite, then poop (flea dirt) then die with the frontline? Or should I look into treating him more aggressively for fleas?
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Make sure the Frontline+ is large enough dose for your dog, If boderline go up to next size.
When you apply the dose , take a little extra time and make sure total dose goes on skin. I start a shoulder blades and part fur and move back a little at a time , then save a little and apply to rump area. As for flea dirt , not sure on this one, I do know that Frontline+ kills after contact with skin. You could give a bath but then you would need to wait for 3 days to apply Frntline+.

Oh yea, he's 16 lbs and the dose goes to 22, and I apply it to his skin and don't bathe 3 days before/after application. I just didn't know if frontline could be working AND there could be flea dirt on the dog.
Usually if you see flea dirt, there are enough fleas to be causing it. Frontline plus didn't work for me this year.
I've used Frontline in the past and not found it very effective at all. I use Stronghold, which seems a lot better. I'm in the UK though so not sure if you can get hold of it in the USA.
It was just the one clump of flea dirt. I've examined the entire dog, much to his dismay (fortunately for me, he's small). I'm thinking about getting some capstar or something just in case. I looked into Advantix (which I was avoiding because of the cats) and "his size" is 10-20 lbs, and he's 7 m/o and 16 lbs so he could very well reach 20 in the next 4 months.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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