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French Bulldog - Health problems

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Hi all,

I have a french bulldog which is 2 years old. He has been on a corticosteroids for quite some time and just recently he had a stroke, which paralyzed him on one side of the face. Now he can walk but only walks in circles and refuses to move the neck in the other direction and is stuck on the left side. I feel like he is in pain and the neck is really stiff. The stroke happened around 2-3 weeks ago and he fell off the bed before we discovered he had a stroke. We live in a country where there is only one MRI scan available in the whole country and our appointment is in two weeks so we don't know anything what the problem is. Also the vet also told us that whatever comes out of the MRI there won't be any treatment available other than rest and medications - probably because the country is lacking expertise in surgeries.

Are these symptoms known? If so what are they and can they be treated?

Best regards,

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