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French bulldog hassling cat

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Hi all

I have had a cat for three years and my partner has a french bulldog, when she comes over to visit the frenchie gets over excited when it sees the cat and chases it away, doesn’t seem to be aggressive natured but it’s scaring the cat away and she’s starting to avoid coming in the house, we have tried keeping them apart in the house to slowly introduce them, but the cat bolts and doesn’t come home until the dog has left. The cat has taken refuge at a neighbours and comes home to feed but stays outside and seems edgy.

the frenchie is generally very well natured, she is a rescue but very placid and loving, but she seems to have a weird fixation with cats. She trembles when she sees one and then chases after them. Once she cornered the cat and the cat scratched her face and bolted.

would really like to get them amicable with each other, if anyone can help with any tips or advice it would be much appreciated!
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"When she comes over?" Your partner doesn't live with you? If that's the case, the solution is easy - she doesn't bring the dog when she visits.

If such a simple solution won't work, I know a lot of this forum will disagree with me, but in my experience the only way to make the Frenchie stop is aversives, and even then it sounds like you let your cat outside, so it has the opportunity and may be smart enough to rehome itself. I used a squirt bottle with water on rescues with some success (squirt right in the face), but in some cases it took something stronger, like a mixture of water and lemon juice (which stings - I squirted it in my own face to see how much). I imagine a citronella collar would work.

However, IMO all you do is if the prey drive isn't so high the dog kills the cat before you teach it anything, you teach them to behave around the cat in certain circumstances. Remove those circumstances and the cat is in trouble. Never, ever leave the dog loose in the house with the cat no matter how well you think you've got them getting along. Because I was once naive about canine prey drive, I had the miserable, guilt-provoking experience of one of my cats being killed by a rescue I thought I had convinced to co-exist with the cats. Don't let it happen to your cat.
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