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found this cute pupopy today

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Hi there I am a farmer from northern Morocco , today I have found this puppy and wanted to ask you guys about its race , I am not an expert in dogs and that's why I am posting here , thank you

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Very cute. It can be hard to guess breed by looks. Size is also not known completely until the dog is grown up. As a dog grows older, personality traits can help some with the guess. For example, a hound dog may follow scent trails while a herding dog might try to herd other pets or children in the house.

The color pattern, ears, and some look about the nose suggests a herding breed to me. Like an Australian Shepherd or Border Collie. But if those types of dogs are not common where you live, then it is more likely whatever is most common in your location or a mix of those common breeds.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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