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My husband and I are first timers fostering an approximately 10 month old feral dog. She was found at a dump with two other dogs (assumed to be her brothers) and was brought from a kill shelter to the rescue we are fostering her from. It is also assumed that prior to her capture from the dump, she did not have any interaction with humans.

She has been with us for about 48 hours and I know it’s early yet but I want to make sure I’m doing the right things. I may be in over my head with her, but I am patient and able to spend the time with her and take this on.

We have an appropriate sized crate set up for her and she has taken a liking to that, we managed to coax her out yesterday but she posted up underneath the dining room table for about 9 hours. Sometimes if we are in another room she will sneak out to take a peek at us but ends up backing away. She will take cheese and hotdogs hand fed to her, but not kibble. She did eat and drink a tiny bit from bowls yesterday, but does not seem to be food motivated at all. She has had three accidents in the house, not in her crate. We have caught her and carried her outside (she barely will walk on a leash) but she has not relieved herself outside yet.

I guess through this long tale I’m just looking for some reinforcement or advice. I am nervous about house breaking her because I don’t want to scold her, but she shows no obvious signs of needing to use the bathroom before she has an accident. She’s not really eating and not coming out of her crate on her own. Is this normal? Should we be forcing her out of her crate to carry her outside. She’s 40 pounds so that is not fun but we are willing to do anything. Thanks in advance for any help!!
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