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Fostering Miss Frankie

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Look who we picked up tonight...:wave:

This is Frankie. She's a 3-4 yr old Pit/mix, about 45 lbs. Her owner passed away 6 months ago and she has spent the past 6 months in a boarding facility. She had all the basic care, but it certainly wasn't a home environment. A staffer at the boarding facility called the rescue last week and asked for help. So she was transferred to the boarding facility we use and a foster was found. I was due to take a neglect case out of the city shelter but this little girl's foster had to back out last minute so I am taking her and we are boarding the neglect case as a kind of "decompression time" (hopefully I will be able to take him in a month or so as he will need a lot of work)

So here she is and of course many more photos will follow
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What a sweet little girl, she's lucky to have you to take her in :) She seems to be getting along great with your dog. I would really love to rescue or foster a dog someday, waiting for our pup to get a bit older.
Your last 4 words describing Chester make him the epitome of a Ridgeback, especially the stubborn part :) I went looking for this thread as I am going to pick up my first foster pet today. Have been seriously thinking about it for awhile, and this thread gave me the courage to finally sign up for it. I will let you know how it goes, although they recommend not introducing the foster to my current animals. Is this normal? Tsavo is the sweetest puppy, just yesterday at the end of obedience class the dogs had "playtime" and he basically let two small breeds (min pin and a chihauha/terrier mix) just jump all over him and bite his legs while he did his spin moves and puppy barks, making sure to not hurt either of them. Even the trainer commented on how smart he was to know not to jump on the little guys (you should see him wrestle with a 7 month old GSD, cutest thing and man do they tire eachother out!). I will obviously abide by their rules and keep the dogs separate if that is what they tell me, but I was just curious what your experience was.
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So cute!! your pups are identical to mine (just a bit older), we recently rescued a new pup, so now we have the wheaton ridgeback and a brindle mastiff mix (most likely pit). Here we are the day we got the pup (we all look amess after a 10 hour wrestling meet we got the pup):

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I couldn't help point it out when I saw the pics, its like looking at mine in the future :) The pup has no fear of Tsavo, he constantly wrestles or plays tug of war with him, even though theres a 60 lb weight difference! It amazes me how patient Tsavo (at lonly 10 months) can be with him. I have a feeling Forrest could possibly be bigger, as he is 20 lbs at 10 weeks, but we will see.
I can definitely see where they'd get confused if the face wasn't clear, same body and coloring. I agree that it is a bit of both, I also have found that male ridgebacks seem to be more social than female. Now this may just be the ones that I have met personally, but it's my experience. In one of his training classes there was a min pin and the two of them could play together forever! Tsavo would get down like he does with the pup and just let the other dog crawl all over him :) We have tried hard to socialize him, but the fact that he would be gentle with smaller dogs since he was around 6 months makes me think that the breed trait plays in there for it to come out at such a young age.
This new little fireball though is ruthless!! Poor Tsavo enjoys his naps and about 10-12 hours of sleep at night, and the pup does not let him rest!!!
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