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Fostering Miss Frankie

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Look who we picked up tonight...:wave:

This is Frankie. She's a 3-4 yr old Pit/mix, about 45 lbs. Her owner passed away 6 months ago and she has spent the past 6 months in a boarding facility. She had all the basic care, but it certainly wasn't a home environment. A staffer at the boarding facility called the rescue last week and asked for help. So she was transferred to the boarding facility we use and a foster was found. I was due to take a neglect case out of the city shelter but this little girl's foster had to back out last minute so I am taking her and we are boarding the neglect case as a kind of "decompression time" (hopefully I will be able to take him in a month or so as he will need a lot of work)

So here she is and of course many more photos will follow
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Another beautiful dog! There must be a wealth of them in your area. :D ....... I will be looking for more photos.

I feel badly that her owner passed away ... I hope she is not depressed. :(
Awwwwe .... Nice pic! :)
Awwwe ... Miss Frankie! :) Does she have any prospective adopters interested yet?
I bet she will get a home in no time. She seems to be a very well behaved girl from what you describe. Who could pass that up! Lol! :) I sure wouldn't if I were looking for an adult dog.
Lol! That first photo! The sidewinder look! I have seen that look hundreds of times when Eddee is getting ready to bolt or jump in a playful way! :) She looks nice in her "Adopt Me" attire. That rescue boy is handsome too!
She is such a pretty girl too! .... You would think her looks and her charm would win one over in an instant! I hope she gets adopted soon ...... She is definitely one of my favorites that you have fostered.
Awwwe .... She is doing very well! :D
That is fantastic news! Yay! :) I have always thought of Frankie to be just the perfect picture of what I would want if I had her breed. She is gorgeous!
1 - 8 of 84 Posts
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