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Fostering Miss Frankie

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Look who we picked up tonight...:wave:

This is Frankie. She's a 3-4 yr old Pit/mix, about 45 lbs. Her owner passed away 6 months ago and she has spent the past 6 months in a boarding facility. She had all the basic care, but it certainly wasn't a home environment. A staffer at the boarding facility called the rescue last week and asked for help. So she was transferred to the boarding facility we use and a foster was found. I was due to take a neglect case out of the city shelter but this little girl's foster had to back out last minute so I am taking her and we are boarding the neglect case as a kind of "decompression time" (hopefully I will be able to take him in a month or so as he will need a lot of work)

So here she is and of course many more photos will follow
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Beautiful new girl!
ahh that pictures is adorable.
Those chase pictures are awesome, she's such a pretty girl.
I can't believe Frankie is still with you, she sounds like such a great girl. While I'm surprised Duncan is still with me on some levels I know now that the rescue I'm working with doesn't push much to get fosters adopted. Since your rescue is foster based I know Frankie is getting promoted much more than Duncan is. Wishing Frankie good luck in finding her perfect home soon, she'll continue to have a blast with you and Chester in the mean time at least.
They do work hard to promote the dogs and featured Frankie on their FB page this week with a large number of likes and a few good comments. What sort of promotions have you been doing for Duncan? A good flyer placed in coffee shops, ice cream shops, outdoors/hiking stores etc will go a long ways.
The biggest obstacle for us promoting Frankie is that while she is actually quite dog friendly, she becomes easily overwhelmed at dog events in pet stores or similar.
I've been posting updates of his progress on his profile page on the shelter's website, occasionally posting pictures and vdieos on the FB page, and taking him to one or two adoption events a month. Duncan is really doing great now other than possibly becoming too attached to me and has gone from a shy mess of a dog to a somewhat outgoing happy boy. He actually jumped up to say hi to a stranger on a walk the other week, while not a good behavior in itself he's losing a lot of his shyness around new people for sure.

Honestly right now I'm split between trying flyers as you suggested, asking the rescue to find another foster for Duncan who might want to keep him forever, take a few weeks of Jubel focused time then get a new foster who needs help (possibly with a different rescue that is mostly foster based). I know someone who fosters for the other rescue I'm thinking about and she hasn't had any dog for more than 8 weeks before its adopted. Most important to me is that Duncan doesn't end up back at the shelter as I think he'll regress there but he'd be fine in another home.
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Yeah for Frankie, hope it works out!
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