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Dog Forums Rules:

Dog Forums Staff reserves the right to edit, remove or alter any member's post, signature, thread or user data at any time without notice. If you do not agree with this policy you are asked to please discontinue your membership at our forum.


  1. We ask that all pictures posted be kept to a size no larger than 620x460.

  2. Signature size limit is 600 wide x 240 tall.

  3. Members should respect the bandwidth of other users and sites. The use of inline (
    ) image tags pointing to data stored on third party systems for which the user has not received permission to link to may be removed.


  1. Owner Surrender of dogs is not allowed, This means Craigslist ads, newspaper ads as well as posts to sell Puppies or adult dogs. Advertisment of dogs at Stud and also prohibited as is any form of request for breedings. Any such post will be promptly removed and the poster appropriately penalized up to and including a permanent ban.

  2. There is to be No SPAMMING on the Board. Please don't post links to your site, either in your signature or in the body of the post, without permission of the Forum Administrator. They will be deleted, and you will be banned. Do not create a user name that is a redirect to another site (e.g. spam.com), or you will be banned.

  3. Only Site Sponsors will be allowed to have links in their signatures to their websites. All other business links will be considered and treated as spam.


  1. Insulting someone, no matter what the reason, will result in punitive action ranging from warnings via the infraction system up to and including a permanent ban at the discretion of the Moderators/Administration.

  2. Disregarding an Administrator or a Moderators decision will result in punitive action ranging from warnings via the infraction system up to and including a permanent ban at the discretion of the Moderators/Administration. We aren't here to have you scream at us, argue with us or flame us. We are here to help you, let us help you!

  3. Accusing a Staff member of any wrong doing, without proving it will result in an instant, permanent ban.

  4. Members are asked to not act as "back seat moderators". If members note any violation of the rules and Terms of Service they are to use the report function available on the board. If no action is taken in 6 hours they are welcome to bring it to the attention of a member of the Moderator Team via PM, only do this if a moderator team member has not replied within 6 hours. Members who consistently "act" as moderators may be warned, issued infractions or banned.

  5. Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Trolling, posting pornographic content, warez, illegal subject matter, drug related content, any other offensive materials will result in an instant permanent ban.

  6. Each Dog Forum member is limited to one ACCOUNT/ALIAS, unless otherwise authorized by a Dog Forum Administrator. Protect your password and your account. You are responsible for your account regardless of compromise or stolen password. RE-REGISTRATION after a temporary or permanent ban will result in non-negotiable permanent 'no appeal' ban on all accounts you have created.

  7. Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc.

  8. Users linking to or asking for information on warez, crackz, etc. or re-printing material without permission will receive a warning and their post will be removed.

  9. Members should post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". Users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or colored text, etc. Similarly, users should not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Users consistently abusing this will be warned.

  10. Members should use an appropriate, descriptive and specific title when posting a new topic.

  11. Thread Hijacking and Thread Crapping is not tolerated here under any circumstance. Those who "Hijack" and "Crap" other member's threads and continue to go off topic will be warned, Continued Hijacking or crapping will result in infractions or bans at the Moderators discretion.

  12. All of the above forum rules also apply to private messaging and reputation systems. Abuse of the Dog Forums private messaging or reputation system system will lead to warnings (as above) penalties up to and including a permanent ban. In the case that you issue spam through our private messaging system, your account will be permanently banned.

  13. Making new forum recruit threads or posts will not be tolerated. These will be deleted, and the member will be warned.

  14. Making threads with links to off site contests is not allowed, moderators will take punitive action ranging from warnings via the infraction system up to and including a permanent ban at the discretion of the Moderators/Administration.

  15. Off Topic Section: If any of these rules are broken in the Off Topic section, the Moderators and Admins reserve the right to shut down the section for a certain time. Times will be decided depending on the magnitude of the offense. This punishment is in effect because the Off Topic section is our gift to you, it doesn't need to be here to make a good forum. If one person makes an offense, they hurt everyone -- in that Off Topic will be suspended if it is abused.

  16. Announcements and new updates can be found at the top of the forums in the Announcements and General Rules section. Look there frequently to find the new changes and upcoming events at the forums. _________________________________________

These rules are subject to change at anytime and there may be additional rules and guidelines stickied in some of the sub-forums.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules and follow them. Try to enjoy your time spent here and do your best to make other members time here enjoyable as well. Please see our New Nembers Forum to get acquainted with other Dog Forums members and also to see any other info you should know about Dog Forums.

Thank you.
Dog Forums Staff
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