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For those that have done doggie DNA testing...

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I was just reading BellaPup's thread on her dog's DNA results. A couple of other people responded saying they'd had the tests done too. I didn't wanna hijack her thread, so I decided to start this one.

To the others that have had a DNA test done, what breeds did YOU think your pup was? And what did the DNA test say your pup was? Pictures would be good in this thread too!! :D

I wanna do DNA tests on my dogs just to see if they're really what I think they are. One of mine is ~18# (slightly overweight), tan & grey with a touch of white on his chest, and loves to chase the cats. It's my guess that he's a schnauzer/Yorkie mix. I'd LOVE to find out what a DNA test says that he really is... or do all of the different DNA tests to find out if they all say the same thing!! :eek:
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We used biopet also and we thought she might have some german shep in her somewhere, the vet thought maybe some Aust Shep ( we didnt see that at all ) but really had no clue thats why I joined the forum I posted pictures and had some people say maybe some collie but she really didnt look like anything thats why we did it to see. She is a Chowliepeidoberdane lol she is in order of most to least
Shar pei
Great Dane lol
But now that we know this we can see at least one trait from each breed and now we know why we couldnt figure her out she is a big ol' cluster of a bunch of different things. She is really an odd ball even her personality. But she is a real sweetie. We love her no matter what she is lol
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