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For those that have done doggie DNA testing...

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I was just reading BellaPup's thread on her dog's DNA results. A couple of other people responded saying they'd had the tests done too. I didn't wanna hijack her thread, so I decided to start this one.

To the others that have had a DNA test done, what breeds did YOU think your pup was? And what did the DNA test say your pup was? Pictures would be good in this thread too!! :D

I wanna do DNA tests on my dogs just to see if they're really what I think they are. One of mine is ~18# (slightly overweight), tan & grey with a touch of white on his chest, and loves to chase the cats. It's my guess that he's a schnauzer/Yorkie mix. I'd LOVE to find out what a DNA test says that he really is... or do all of the different DNA tests to find out if they all say the same thing!! :eek:
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It would also be good to note which company you used for the DNA test. Most of the ones out there have a limited number of breeds they recognize, I belive one of the companies can only recognize 39 breeds. Whereas companies like wisdom panel have 130+ breeds that they can recognize. So the company you went with will make a difference on the acuracy of your test.
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