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For those of you who rotate foods...

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What do you rotate between and how often do you rotate?
I use Wellness Super5mix, and was thinking of rotating between that and Wellness CORE or Taste of the Wild.
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As long as your dog's stomach can take it.. then I don't think there would be any issues doing so. (I.E. his stools are consistent)

The one thing to keep in mind while 'rotating' is to give a full variety of ingredients, to avoid allergen's forming, etc.. So.. if the first 2-4 ingredients include chicken or turkey, try to get something next time that doesn't have chicken or turkey.
Thanks for your input, guys! I think I'm going to rotate with Wellness CORE, Taste of the Wild looks great too, but they don't have a weight management formula.
You could always just feed TOTW, but cut back the amount and use green beans to have the dog feel full. Voila, homemade TOTW, weight management formula.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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