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After doing a bunch of researching on websites regarding protein, calicum, phosphorus, and listening to people's and vets feedback, and opinions. I have decided to narrow it down to these 3 dog foods and was wondering what we're your expierences, if you have any when feeding these dog foods, overall good? Why bad? Or simply which one would you choose or prefer and why? (Mastiff owner or giant breed owner)

Royal canin size health nutrition Giant puppy dry dog food: (vet recommended royal canin)
32% protein,
calcium (min) 0.82,
phosphorus (min) 0.67%
3584 kilocalories, 340 kilo calories ME per cup
1st two ingredients brewers rice, chicken by product meal

Large & Giant breed puppy - precise holistic complete.
23% protein
Calcium 1.30(min)
Phosphorus 0.95 (min)
3528.84 kcal, 400.10 ME per cup
1st two ingredients chicken, chicken meal,

Fromm Gold
26.58% protein
Calcium 1.01 (as-is) 1.08(dry basis)
Phosphorus 0.95 (as-is) 1.02 (basis)
1st two ingredients duck, chicken meal
-does not have fruit, only veggies

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The Precise Holistic is the only one that falls within the recommended calcium requirements I continuously see for giant breed puppies. Precise has been mentioned to me by several Dane owners.

The Royal Canin's calcium is far too low, and the phosphorous is low, as well. Rice being the first ingredient is... Interesting. I personally don't feed food with "by product" meals in them, as that is the ground up leftover parts of chicken (head/feet/bones/innards), less nutrient rich than meat and not FDA approved for human consumption.

The Fromm looks more reasonable. So the Fromm or Precise, in my opinion.
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