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I have seen this happen once but it was a very long ordeal.

Long story short.

Nail broke. Became infected. Owner did not do anything for a long time. After that time owner finally went to vet. By that time oral treatment was not really useful but they did not want to spend money on surgical treatment. It rotted away. Owner came to our clinic of a second opinion. Amputation was the only option aside from putting the dog to sleep at this point. ( this has been going on for months ) They never came back but I think they put the dog to sleep cause they were very stingy.

A lot of vets will push surgery as a only option. I would get a second opinion. We like to push R&R as a first option because surgery fixes are not always a fix all. Sometimes R&R can do a lot or at least make the condition liveable. but some situations do need surgery but always get a second opinion! cause I know a lot of vets who will say surgery is an only option when there are surely other options. The only way to know is ask another vet. Which can be difficult to find a honest one these days sometimes...I mean a $6000 surgery thats almost pure profit. A little for materials. The rest is profit for the vet. A lot of other vet services do not get a big turn around in profit but surgeries are very profitable and that is my personal opinion on why they are pushed so often. Not to say your dog does not need it...it may need surgery or amputation. but who can know without asking around.I would not dish out that kind of money without some other opinions. Amputation itself is not cheap either!
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