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Long story as short as possible.,.
My dog had a small cut on his foot from laying on the tile floor he liked cause it was cool. He is 12yr old pit mix with cushings disease.
After i noticed the cut... his foot had swollen up and I took him to the vet.
He went every day for 2wks for them to clean and re bandage it.
I was given antibiotics, anti inflammatory and pain medication I requested.

Here I am 2 weeks later being told his tendon has detached from the bone.
If you see his first picture you will not understand how this happened. A little cut leading to this...
They said 2 options,
Amputate or 6,000$ dollar surgery.
I do not like those options, help!
Any idea?? I have a second vet appointment at another place to see what they think but wow I can't afford this already spent 1500$ and owe the vet. 500$.
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