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Food stealing dog!

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my girl, had her for 2 years, she is roughly 2.5 years old. well after we make dinner if we dont put it up, she will wait for us to leave and steal something!

last night she nabbed 2 grilled chicken breasts within 1-2 minutes, i kid you not.

how i knew, she was standing in the hallway with her ears back wagging the tail, she knew what she did was wrong. sure enough they were gone from the pan.

so she busts herself, how do i discipline that. :(
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If it's not there for her to take, she can't do it. Clean up as quickly as possible. You are tempting her to do it and if she's been doing it for this long, it sounds like your approach might need to be changed. IMHO.

It's like training a puppy to not chew on shoes...don't leave them out so it can.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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