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Food shortage may lead shelter to euthanize animals
10:31 PM CDT on Saturday, June 20, 2009

The shelter only has enough food to last another week or two.
A North Texas animal shelter is faced with an agonizing decision: either euthanize its animals or let them starve to death.
Directors at the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake in Tool say they’re in danger of running out of food to feed the facility’s 140 animals.
“We cannot afford the $1,000 or so a month it takes to feed them,” said Tamara Rhodes, shelter president. “So our only solution at this point of time is to reduce the population and les sen the strain that feeding additional animals would cause us.”
The animals eat 150 pounds of food a day, much of which used to be donated, but now supplies are dangerously low, workers say.
The shelter only has enough food to last another week or two.
“We don't want to see those animals destroyed simply because of funding,” Rhodes said.
The shelter is like many across the country: overwhelmed with abandoned pets and seeing their donations dry up.
Late Saturday afternoon, disappointed volunteers returned to the shelter from an adoption fair with a van full of animals they hoped would not be returning.
“Most of them did not get adopted,” said shelter board member Kathy Jordan.
Each week, dozens of new animals arrive at the shelter.
Even though volunteers have been turning away the public, some people drop off the animals at the gate or toss them over the fence, workers say.
“We've had a lot of bad experiences of people dumping their dogs and it's because of the economy,” said shelter worker Jeremiah Borchart. “People can't take care of their dogs.”
This rural shelter, 60 miles south of Dallas, is one of the few for miles around.
Animal control agencies from nearly a dozen towns bring their stray animals to the shelter.
Workers said they actually have the space for many of the pets, but simply cannot afford to care for them.
“It’s very serious,” Rhodes said. "This is pretty much the first time we've ever had this problem.”
Workers have been euthanizing nearly 20 percent of the shelter's animals and worry more might have to be put down.
Volunteers have been successful in getting rescue groups to save some of the dogs, but said it’s a challenge finding a home for unwanted pets with so many agencies suffering.
“It’s horrible,” Rhodes said, especially since many of the animals are adoptable former pets. “You can't imagine how heart wrenching a decision it is to take an animal and put it to sleep.”
If you want to help, you can call the shelter on 903-432-3422 or go by the shelter located at 10200 County Road 2403 Tool, TX 75143.
You can also go to the The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake's website to donate.
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What I find most depressing about this story is that this situation is happening to shelters acorss the country. Big organizations are glady taking donations to "help" animals and they don't acutaly do what people belive they do. Most people belive when they donate to a big organization the money will help their local shelters, when in fact most of the oraganizations aren't even affiliated with them.
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