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You can use his meals themselves as training treats if he is food motivated. Just dole out the same amount of dry food that you would feed for a meal over the course of a training session. Jackpot reward via more kibble pieces in one go and an enthusiatic voice.

If he modestly food motivated, you can swap the equal amount of normal food for a smellier type. Fish based formulas are good for this.

You can swap equal (in calorie, not volume) amounts of a nutrionally balanced meat roll or semi-moist food for a meal's worth of dry food and its much more enticing. Or use this for jackpot rewarding

You can take the dry food meal and make a "trail mix", in a zippy bag or sealed food container, mix a serving of kibble with a small amount of diced cheese, hot dog and/or dried liver. Keep the proportion of high value stuff small. Refridgerate overnight so the smells of the good stuff soak into the kibble. Then dole out during training.
Bonus is the good stuff acts as a randomized reward which is a great training tactic.

You can DIY treats by cooking or drying cheap healthy meats like chicken gizzards and swap up to 25% of calories from a commercial balanced diet for meat without tripping the nutrient scales
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