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Food Recommendations for allergic dog

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Wow, it's been a while, df.

I am hoping for some food recommedations for my loveable 4 year old chocolate lab, Rosie.

She has always struggled with allergy issues. She has been on and off prednisolone and benadryl. About a year ago, I started feeding Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea and she did wonderfully on it. Her fur looks great and she has been healthy. In the past few weeks, she showed less and less interest in it. She keeps doing the "I'm hungry" barf, but still won't eat it. I thought it might be good to buy the same formula but in a different flavor. I mixed it in with the old and she inhaled it last night, but ignored it this morning and this evening. for the first time she seemed sickly this evening. She was lethargic and disinterested until i gave her chicken and white rice. She ate every bite and is looking for more. Ever since, she has been back to her old self. I made a vet appt for tomorrow night, but it seems like I may not need it. I am keepinga close eye and will decide when I get closer.

Basically, this experience makes me think that the Natural Balance is her issue. I am wondering what a good alternative would be that would be good for her allergies. If I could I would feed her chicken and rice, but I worry about her allergies. Does anyone have any recommendations for an allergic dog in need of a change? I will do anything for this dog. If it means making home-made dog food, feeding raw, I am looking for anything that will keep her healthy and happy. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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NV instinct recently came out with a LID formulas

Another option would be california natural.
Have you done allergy testing? A LOT of dogs i've found from working in a pet-store are allergic to grains/corn, chicken, and some are allergic to potatoes as well. I would reccomend something along the lines of a Grain Fee/Potato Free Non-Chicken formula food. I know Great Life has Grain/Potato free recipes as well as Taste of The Wild. Acana/Orijin are all grain-free as well, FROMM and Back to Basics has grain-free formulas to. Of course Raw is your best bet but it's quite pricey to buy in the stores.
My dog has allergies as wee and we feed natures variety limited ingredient, back to basics turkey, nutrisca as dry. Natures variety instinct also has some regular formulas that can be considered limited such as the salmon. My dog is allergic to potato and various other things. Their other daily meal is the honest kitchen.
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