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TOTW has 2 formulas that can be considered LID - Sierra Mountain (lamb) and Pacific Stream (fish) There's lot of food out that that has limited ingredients and some is not marketed as LID so you have to look at the ingredients. I have one dog with allergies and one with a sensitive stomach so I've tried most of the LID foods. Here's a list of some:
Natural Balance LID - this is probably the one that is most recommended for LID and I used it with my dog until I realized it's mostly potato based. He actually had poop the color of sweet potato lol
TOTW - Sierra Mountain and Pacific Stream
Nature's Variety Instict - they 2 LID formulas - Turkey or Lamb, my dog does great on both even though he has chicken allergies. They also have a Salmon and a Rabbit formula which can be considered LID
Go Naturals Salmon and Oatmeal
Canine Caviar lamb and millet - my mom's GSD with a sensitive stomach does amazing on this
Blue Buffalo Basics
Acana singles line
Back to Basics
Dogswell Nutrisca - they have chicken, salmon or lamb
Earthborn Holistics - they have some forumulas that have LIDs - a bison one, fish one, and a lamb one
Nurisource grain free - they have a seafood one and a lamb one that has some salmon in it - this is what my pups are currently trying - I like to rotate
Hope that helps :)
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