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I made a bad habit of when I was preparing dinner or snacks, I gave our little fur baby who is 8 months a treat. (carrots, lettuce, fruit) I am finding that as soon as I open the fridge or pantry he comes running to me to see what I am doing. If I snack on something or if my girls are having a snack on the sofa, he will bark. Should I just ignore the bark and not give in to his cute eyes with a snack? Will he eventually get the hint over time? I would like to stop the begging for food when I am trying to prepare dinner.

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A simple, non-confrontational but effective solution:
Teach him to `leave the room`.

Our current boy, very stubborn in many ways, loves food - especially ours.
It took a bit of patience but, now when we`re eating,
he automatically leaves the room until we`re finished.
The odd time he gets distracted and doesn't,
a soft, `Excuse me ... we`re eating`,
will send him, quietly, out of the room.

A quick anecdote:
Our last boy loved popcorn. While watching T.V. in the evening,
he knew that I`d often share my popcorn with him,
so he would quietly lay down beside my seat.

His problem was that he also knew that staring, begging, drooling etc got no results.
He quickly learned to casually and politely turn his face away;
only then, did he get his popcorn.
This would often amaze friends who would watch as,
with each bit of popcorn he got and ate,
he would then turn his head away, looking totally disinterested.

Lastly, I should add that in our house, it`s our choice
if and when we choose to share our food with the dog.
It`s his responsibility to remain `polite`, regardless...

Now, if I could only get him to walk nicely on lead. :frusty:

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The only way to eliminate begging is to never give in to the begging. So if he barks, yes, ignore him. When we first got our dog, he barked non-stop while we ate. We ignored him. It took two weeks, but it stopped because it never got him anywhere.

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I taught my dog to Sit, before he will get a treat. When you are NOT eating or snacking, you might teach your dog to lie down before he gets a treat, b/c most dogs don't bark while down.

However, any dog CAN learn to bark from the down position, if it serves his purposes or if he is rewarded... ;-)

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I teach my dogs to go to their bed when I have or am working with food. I started by teaching a "go to bed" behaviour that means "go to your bed and just chill there and you'll get yummy snacks" outside of the picture of human food - basically like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2c5EkytNU0. Work on it until it's really solid and until the dog loves to go to her bed and will stay there for several minutes of her own choosing after I give the cue. Long-lasting chews are a huge help for this.

Once she is really great at going to her bed when asked, if I have food out and she starts to investigate, I tell her to go to her bed, and then reward her for going to her bed with something really great, and reward intermittently so that she learns it's being on the bed (and not the motion of going to it) that gets her the treat. I often use whatever is dog-safe that I'm cooking at the moment, but it doesn't have to be human food at all.

Full disclosure: I've only trained one of my dogs to do this because my dogs are small and I am just not bothered by begging.
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