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Food allergies, when do they start?

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When do food allergies start? Or is it something that can strike at any moment? I'm keeping track of what foods my puppy is eating and trying to limit it to Chicken or turkey. I read somewhere that exposing him to ALL types of varieties leaves less choices for him if he starts developing an allergy to some type of food.
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Food allergies can begin at any moment, but they usually start to develop between age one to three. Exposing him to all sources will reduce your choices if allergies do develop, but there are many choices, and I think you can feed a variety and still leave plenty of choices in case of allergies.
Food allergies can definitely pop up at any time. Our first Boxer did not exhibit signs of food allergies until he was 6 years old. This was back before I had any clue about nutrition however, and fed him nasty foods. I simply didn't know better... :( Once he was really having issues with his allergies I started doing research and learned a lot, changed his diet and supplementation, and it made a huge difference, he was like a new dog. I am also of the school of thought that exposure to many different foods helps lower the likelihood of developing allergies. My present Boxer, who is almost 2 1/2 has been on rotations of foods and different protein sources since he came home with us at 8 weeks. He is incredibly healthy, has great skin and coat, muscle tone, immunity, you name it.
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Spunky's allergies didn't turn up till she was about 9.
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