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Follow up question re: family breed of dog

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Hi there,

So my friend has found an 8 month old Keeshond/Shepherd that they are interested in adopting. The situation with this dog is that the current owner just doesn't have enough time to give her, and is looking to re-home the dog. They've talked a few times over the phone and the owner has said she is great with kids and other animals, and knows a bunch of different commands (sit, come, stay etc). They think this may be good a good opportunity because she is house trained and they won't be looking at the same "issues" that come with an 8 week old puppy.

We know a bit about Shepherds, but we really aren't too familiar with Keeshond's. How are they generally with children? Off leash? Energy level? Just looking for advice in general really.

This site has been a GREAT resource for myself and other people I know, so thanks AGAIN for all the help :)
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I have no personal experience with the breed, but there is a little bit of information about them in this thread:

keeshonds are great family dogs. They are great with kids and other pets.
Sounds like a GREAT match.

Kees are great dogs! They're a moderate energy level, affectionate but not clingy. Not the easiest dog in the world to train, but not terribly difficult either, with a light hand and lots of good cookies. :p They're also a reasonably healthy breed- the main breed problem is parathyroid cancer of some sort (I can't remember the disorder's exact name) but it's an old age disease. Some HD, some LP, some eye problems, but not in any great numbers.
My mom was really into keeshonden when we were growing up, and she used to show them (hence how i got into showing) and they're awesome dogs.

Ours were always really, really smart dogs and just great with kids. Really, I can't imagine a better family dog.

As for training, they pick up on stuff very quickly BUT you have to make training into a fun game, or else they will lose interest.

This time around, I considered keeshonden for my future dog, but my boyfriend isn't quite as into them as I am. He's pretty sold on the samoyeds. :)
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