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How is everyone?

I'm 23, my wife is 31, my dogs are Blue (wifes dog, originally meant to be mine, but she was left on the desert overnight when her nose carried her away and my wife found her the next day, Blue has been in love with her ever since! she's a mix, the shelter told us she was blue heeler, but she's about everything BUT heeler, i think she's mostly greyhound and collie)

And My new puppy Ratchet (full blue heeler, about 15 weeks old, had him since he was 9 weeks)

I'm just getting over a loss of my last dog...well, trying to start getting over him, we were best buds, i'd had him since he was nothing but a little 5 week old cottonball of a blue heeler, the power went out on the 25th of febuary and i'd went to go get my truck out on the street to shine the big aux. lights on top in the house to find a flashlight, found a flashlight, but with dead batteries, so i took off to my buddies house to borrow some batteries, and when i pulled out....i seen him lying there, still cant close my eyes without seeing him with his little head crushed and picking up his limp body......i've never felt so bad about anything. and i'm not an especially compassionate person, but i sure loved this dog. His name was Jager (yes, like the drink---Yay-ger is how its pronounced)

Ratchet is obviously VERY smart and he is stubborn, i'm a little bummed out that Jager was just starting to get full grown and now i have to start all over again with the puppy-training, but the little man is starting to grow on me, just like Jager did. I'm feeling the crush of the economy and have been out of work since 8-5-08, and live in a pretty depressed part of the country which the biggest industry is coal and oil.......we all know where those industries are currently going. so i wasnt ready for a new puppy, but i figured i'd better get one so i could bond with it while i'm still out of work, because my wife doesnt work and the dog would naturally bond to her if i was gone for a week at a time working.

also i had a dog from the time i was 8 until i was 20, her name was lucky and was a smaller dog, i was always told she was a cockapoo but she wasnt, i later found out what she was and dont recall the exact name, its something like allula pula, we ended up putting her down, her life was starting to get miserable and figured it was for the best.

anyways, i hope to share some of my knowledge and gain quite a bit, i've never been super active on the internet except buying things and checking my email until i became unemployed, now i've decided that i like forums and youtube.com i belong to the following forums also under the same screen name--- Fishingunited.com, fordforums.com, thefiringline.com, miata.net and forums.utahscca.com and plan on joining a few more!




The only picture i have of Lucky

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!! i like to type long messages.
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