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I am actually shipping one of my girls out today so here goes....You need a FAA approved PLASTIC dog crate they must be able to sit and turn around without being restricted.You must have live animal stickers on all sides,you must have the food water dishes that attach to the cage.You must have your pet up to date on shots (esp rabies) and you must have a health certificate from your vet saying that you pet is healthy.Then you had better check with the quarantine laws in your country as almost everyone has them and they are strict about that.

Check the heat requirements by calling the airline, some airlines are not shipping if it is over 75 degrees (for that day not at the time of shipping)for domestic flights in the USA the only one without restrictions as far as I found out is Continental Airlines (because they transport the dogs in heated or air conditioned vans between flights.The other airlines leave your dogs on the tarmac in open top baggage things

Remember price for shipping is done by weight and destination.

Honestly I would hire someone or board him you are most likely going to spend over $700 to ship him there and back.My girl that's flying out and back to be bred is going to be around $650 (and she and the crate are 20lbs)
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