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flirty girl

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I just wanted to thank all the members here who use flirt poles and share their stories. Because of all I have read here, I decided to make one and try it. I made a basic broom handle, leash, ball and sock one (like zim showed in one of the "make a flirt pole" threads). I fully expected Landen, my almost 4 year old :)eek:) shepherd mix, to enjoy it, and he did. He played for a while until he got bored. Here is the exciting part. Mia, my chow mix, is not big on toys. When I throw a ball for Landen, she chases it (and him) but does not know what to do with toys when she has them. So, I didn't really think she would be interested in the pole. Boy was I wrong. As soon as Landen was finished, she jumped right in! She chased it and jumped for it. I had never seen anything like it! I was just so happy to finally have a game (besides wrestling...) that my girl likes. Thank you all for the idea! Mia thanks you too!
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The great thing about this game is that you can put self control behaviors easily on cue. Revving a dog up with play is great and awesome for the dog, but being conscious of revving the dog down with a desirable behavior is great and awesome for his guardian.
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