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There's no need to use this kind of product. I've had dogs for 15 years and honestly the most bulletproof solution I have found are the chewable pills you can get from your vet that protect against fleas and ticks. They protect against ticks as well as fleas (flea shampoos do not) and they work for an entire month. You need to get rid of not just the adults, but the larvae and eggs as well. Also keep in mind that fleas can live in your home as well as on your pets. I once had a flea infestation in my carpeted basement and I had to steam clean the furniture and carpets thoroughly. That did the trick. Extreme heat kills insects and their eggs.

So that's my suggestion. Give all your cats and dogs those pills (Ask your vet) and steam clean your home thoroughly, and you will be a happy flea free household.

The reason I'm into the pills and not the shampoo is that you can't control the dose of the shampoo (which is medicated) properly. Too often, not often enough, used too much shampoo, not enough, etc.

The pills are sized according to the weight of your dog so you get the exact right dose every time and they work like a charm. I've been using them for over a decade.
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